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Project Description

Project Description

Located on an acre and a half of land in Connecticut, the Smith House is a building that overlooks the Long Island Sound estuary. The property is surrounded by a lush of shrubs, and its entrance has a thick cluster of flowering plants and evergreens. As you pass the thicket, the area clears out, thus leaving a clean and open space in the middle. As you move further, a cliff with a rocky shoreline below can be observed.

The Smith House can be seen at the center of it all. This building has a boxy design with an opaque and modern twist. The building is made up of three major rooms with the upper and lower regions as thick slabs of smooth concrete, which are then connected to the white mullions for support. Its walls have intermittently pierced windows all over, thus giving a contemporary style on the building. Although there is no exact arrangement on the windows, they are strategically placed in the building to maximize the view outside. Because the house has a lot of transparent window fixtures, anyone can look outside effortlessly. Not only is the Smith Residence architecturally pleasing outside, but internally, you can definitely enjoy the modish and simple interior of the house. Its pleasant color scheme stands out in the area. The pristine body of the building and its glistening windows make the Smith House a remarkable sight even from afar.   

This house is indeed an excellent building when you want to have your own mini paradise. Who says only wooden cabins can be found in the middle of evergreens. The Smith house, though a modern and elegant building, perfectly fits this provincial location in Connecticut. Thus, this makes it the ideal place to host a semi-formal party or even just a simple barbeque blast with close friends. Here, you can appreciate the private setting of the place and enjoy the crisp air without worrying about disturbing anyone. If you want a residential area that is secured and surrounded by nature, The Smith House is for you. Its strategic placement will definitely make your stay worthwhile.