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Project Description

Project Description

This project is specifically designed for Fabrica EltraLogis Arges.The design itself is tailored to achieve a modern and functional arrangement that promises a more efficient and ideal working environment.The model showcases a boxed-frame structure for a more modern touch with a clean balanced outline.

The main building’s structure provides the proper amount of height and width.The goal is to be able to accommodate the needed amount of rooms and space that will be utilized by the employees, which is attained by the model currently being presented.The external design of the building plays with geometrical shapes and lines in order to attain a stylish and modern atmosphere.Examples of the aforementioned are the horizontal walling and circular details found near the entrance driveway.These details are also purposefully placed facing the road for a more presentable display of the building and to give off a clean yet stylish impression.  It can be seen that this design stays effectively true to originality and creativity.

It can also be seen from the model that the area surrounding the building is accented with trees and well-groomed grass.The purpose of this external “green” feature provides a cleaner and more welcoming environment. The goal of this design is to not only accomplish a modernistic architectural layout but to also provide employees a fresh and comfortable space. There is also an extensive parking space built to perfectly fit large-sized vehicles.  The size of the lot is crucial. It must be enough to accommodate numerous trucks, but this design has achieved just that. Another great feature of this design is the driveway, which is placed around the building for trucks to park and leave the premises with ease. There is also a parking lot that is specifically for employees placed near the entrance for easy vehicle access and exit. Overall, the design incorporates important key points that should be found in a well-organized architectural structure.