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Project Description

Project Description

This is a model of the Residential housing Meteorologiei. It consists of two beautifully designed buildings that are in a sophisticated complex.

Not only does the model showcase the buildings, but the whole complex including the land area in which the buildings are. The model first shows that greenery such as sprawling green grass, and the trees are very much emphasized in the architecture. While there are several trees and a whole lawn surrounding the complex, there are also walkways built around the grass and a road between the two buildings. This is to make it easier for the tenants to move through the complex so that they can get into any of the buildings.

Other than the road and the greenery, the model clearly shows that there is also a basement parking lot. The basement parking lot is found at the side of the first building. The model shows a car going inside the basement to give people an idea as to how vehicles can enter the basement parking.

What makes this model truly outstanding is its very precise attention to detail. Because of the handiwork and the precision, the model exactly matches how the actual building will look like when completed. This model definitely does not look like a rough structure but a mini model of the finished result.

In order to make the model more realistic, the architect behind the model also added a lot of model cars and a few people. This is most likely to showcase the direction of the traffic flow from when the cars go in and out of the complex.

As for the materials used for making the model, it is made out of a mix of PVC and very durable acrylic Plexigras which will make the model as a whole very sturdy and not susceptible to collapse. The base of the model is made out of a very sturdy wooden board to act as the foundation and stand for the model.

To create this model, it took the architect a total of 16 days to craft each detail into the final model.