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Project Description

Project Description:

This proposed project scale model entails a construction of an archaeological research and restoration centre in the northeastern part of Ada Kaleh, Șimian Island. The layout is strategically designed that from the top, the overall structure looks like an insignia.The whole research and restoration centre occupies a significant land area of Ada Kaleh.More so, this scale model highlights the deep historical background and rich culture of Ada Kaleh.Being on the tip of the island, the site is easily accessible by small boats.

The architectural model is made using selected high quality materials, and through our top of the line laser and mechanical technology, each part is put together fittingly to complete the model. Entourage elements like boats and nearby sites are used to compare the size and proportion of the archeological research and restoration centre and its surroundings. Likewise, the added scenery details give a rustic and vintage effect for the whole scale model.