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Project Description

Project Description:

Conextrust has been one of the best construction companies in Moldova since 1991. It is known for its high-quality building designs, road infrastructures, and project verifications.With Conextrust Real Estate Architectural Scale Model, it has once again delivered an excellent project proposal.

To understand the scale model, the current standing of real estate in the current market must first be understood.Real estate has been in demand for private capital. With the rising population and growing cities, more and more people are looking for cheap and safe residential buildings.Taking the concern of home buyers into account, Conextrust builds a model that maximizes the available space.

The model shows a two-towered building. One tower sits in front of the other.Each tower has at most eight floors.This low-rise building is cleverly topped with red curved roofs. There is also a rooftop where residents can hold parties and other events.The towering façade are lined up well. At the entrance of the building is a curved canopy which adds modernity to the overall look of the building.

The materials used in the scale model gives a smooth wall finish which makes the painting of the building stand out.The palette used by Conextrust includes royal blue, moss green, gray, white, and maroon.

Aside from the two-towered building, Conextrust also adds the parking spaces where residents can park their cars.Beyond this parking spot is another residential space. However, unlike the low-rise building, the buildings found in this space are designed like bungalows, perfect for single workers who want to find a place near their offices. The bungalows have limited spaces. However, Conextrust has managed to add a bedroom, a restroom, a living room, and a kitchen in each one of them.

The contrast between the low-rise building and the bungalows is highly visible. However, oddly enough, they both complete the whole landscape.