Engineering Structure for measuring Beam Resistance Architectural Model

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Project Description

Project Description:

This scale model is for a performance structure project for a building application.The project model involves structural elements such as steel columns, joints, and open mesh gratings. It is painted in red color, depicting partly oxidized steel structure for a more realistic presentation.

The 3-story structure L-shaped model features 3 sets of steel grating which is capable of holding a decent amount of traffic and load, with 5 panels of steel grating for each floor/set.The panels are slanted slightly, with the sharp edges of the square panels extending to the surface.There are glass structures on both sides which act as protection against falling. The model’s L-shaped design allows it to act as a standalone structure.However, it also makes it an impressive attachment to L-shaped buildings which are common nowadays.

On one side of the model, you can find slanted steel planks which act as stairs to allow easy access to different levels of the structure.This allows easy transport of materials up and down the structure especially with the use of a wheeled tool such as a wheelbarrow.The structure’s design is proposed to support a significant amount of load and construction materials.Likewise, it is designed to transport materials towards a building construction by adding it as an attachment.

This detailed and artistic performance structure project model aims to achieve a realistic representation of steel structures commonly used in building construction projects, factories, as well as warehouses.The architectural team has made sure to pay close attention to the details in the model’s steel beams, joints, staircases, clear structures, steel grating, flat roofing material, and the choice of color.They hope that this model can provide significant help during construction and other purposes.

The materials used for this model are MDF (medium density fiberboard), a material which is commonly used for creating architectural models, and Plexiglass for the clear glass structures.The model is mounted on a styrofoam base.From an aerial view, you can see the structure’s flat roofing design which provides sufficient protection against heat and rain. However, the sides are still exposed, thereby leaving them open to different exterior elements.