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Project Description

Project Description:

This company is not only known for its residential and commercial structures, but they are also one of the best designers for industrial farming factories. Industrial factory is made from the best steel materials.The designers did not only assure the durability of the structure, but they also wanted to make sure that this structure is easy to clean and maintain by its owners.

The building’s exterior is made from scaffolding. Walls were made from steel matting, making the place well ventilated for the farm animals.They opted to use polyester rooves to enrich the lighting of the edifice.They alternated the red and transparent polyester rooves.The transparent rooves were strategically placed just above the cattle’s’ crates. The building’s façade is made from polyester panels. The place has a large entryway in front and back of the farm house. They wanted to make sure that the cattle and farm workers enter with ease. They opt to keep the entrance and exit to be bare from doors. Instead, they used gated steel railings in the entrance and back exit.

The interior of this modern farm house was dividing into three.The middle part is utilized for the cattle’s crate.They were able to fit 6 crates. Each crate can hold at least ten to 40 animals, depending on its size.The floorings were made from tiles.They created mini sewers along the crates, to make it easier for them to clean up the mess and clutter.The cattle’s area was heavily guarded with sturdy metal railings to make sure that the cattles are in check and to avoid break outs. They had elevated the cattle’s space to avoid water from seeping out when they are cleaning the area.

 The outer parts of the farm house were made into pathways.The pathways are created to make it easier for the farm workers to oversee the cattle without going into their living and feeding spaces.

Overall, these modernize farm house is sturdy and can be easily maintained.This design is made to make any intensive animal farming operation smooth and successful. Its great attention to detail makes it truly worthwhile.