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Project Description

Project Description:

The model exudes nothing else but immaculate class.The thorough designer touches are truly apparent in the way each corner is set.From the color, to the accents, to the choice of materials, to the overall blueprint, everything is built to radiate simplicity and class. There’s nothing too fancy in terms of the details, but the simplicity itself makes the whole picture adequately stunning.

The windows are made of huge glasses that give it the illusion of more space.The glass-filled sides also make the open look like an open and bright space.This also gives its occupants access to the external world’s breathtaking/panoramic views.

The building is coated in white paint. Its single-tone white tint is also another factor that makes the space look vaster than it actually is.There’s no other paint hue integrated apart from the wooden touches strategically studded on the sides.The wooden elements look perfect just the way they are.Their sizes and placement are nicely set. The use of these wooden elements are not done inadequately nor excessively.The aesthetic balance is just left intact.The architectural strategies used are smartly integrated to come up with a model that oozes plain perfection.The model is easy on the eyes. It’s not too overdone but just has the right flavor of simplicity and elegance.

It has spacious terraces on the second and third levels, with the second level having just the right room for extra space and the third level having the more spacious feel. This roof deck area is perfect for all sort of activities that need a roomy spot.

The model is also designed to have a quick access to the freeway, making it a convenient setup for occupants when brought to life.

This model is the epitome of the principle “less is more”.  Its clear-cut design, minimalist tinge, and thoroughly planned layout makes it a model to mimic. This is definitely better than other models that are too overdone. This has minimal elements, but it brings forth maximum worth in terms of aesthetics, functions, layout, and architectural value.