Urbanism Scale Model for Traffic Optimization Study

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Project Description

Project Description:

A congested network always proves to lead to traffic problems. In order to study the most effective traffic optimization system, this model is built as a simulator. This model for highway traffic networks shows a detailed description of each junction. You can see the roads stretch across irregular-shaped buildings, forming triangular one-way pathways. In the main road, there is an overpass. This manages the traffic going in and out of the city. Travelling within the city, however, requires you to navigate around the cleverly planned junctions.

The streets are marked with gray lining. This stretches along the lining of the city and across the buildings and parks. The Pexiglass buildings are simplified as the focus is not the structure of the streets. The overpass is made from painted cardboard. It stretches outside the border of the city and slopes downward towards the other edge of the area. This new model is compared with the more commonly known models for traffic flow networks. It is yet to be tested, but the design is said to be promising.