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Project Description

Project Description:

This project is for Macheta Banca Transilvania which is located in Cluj Napoca, Romania.This model is a representation of the building of well known banking institution Banca Transilvania.

The model shows that the team of architects in charge of the project are aiming for a more old school building look with a vintage feel.The building mixes the colors of warm brown, white, and gray.These are the colors that were frequently used by older bank buildings which is something that this design wants to replicate. As seen in the model, this bank building is built to be more wide than tall. This adds to the more classic feel and design of banks from the older days.

What further adds to the overall vintage design of the building are some of the materials used for making the building, as shown in the model.The model shows parts of the building made of brick while the sides of the building are made out of marble to give it a slight Greco Roman style. The overall feel of the new bank building is a crossover between Wall Street style architecture and a classic European style structure.

The model is very straightforward and only showcases the bank building. No other elements such as model people, cars, or trees were added to the structure because it is already very realistic in itself.The model of the bank building already suffices to give a clear representation of what the real thing looks like. What makes the model a good one is its details.Each brick, beam, and lining of the wood can be seen all in the representation. Anyone who looks at it can clearly envision how the real building will look like.

The model is made out of a combination of white PVC and brown wood with the base that is made out of very sturdy acrylic material. All materials that were used are very durable.This is to ensure that the model won’t collapse. It was created in a span of 5 days and took 2 architects to create its final design.