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Project Description

Project Description:

The Romanian Orthodox Church of California was a mixture of classical and modern architecture.The round arches and its beautiful color made the building more solemn and regal.This one storey building is not just a perfect place for prayer and worship but also a perfect piece of art.

Its walls are covered with red and white paint, accentuated with red linings at the bottom of the building.Designers wanted to make sure that the building is easily seen by many, regardless of the time of the day.The edifice has three entry ways– one is placed in front of the church and a smaller one is created at its right side. The building comes with a tourelles. One of the tourelles was placed on top of the building, which is used as a bell tower. The other one is located at the other end of the structure. The lower tourelle is used as an altar for worship.It comes with a minimalistic design compared to the upper corbelling.

The building’s top varies in design.The façade is designed with a pair of half scissor sharp roofs that overlaps with the main roof which is a gable roof. The Upper Tourelle and the roof overhang is designed with a Polynesian type of roof. The façade is designed with a glass pediment of the Blessed Mother Mary.  Beside it are decorative round arches made up of quoins placed together.The door just below the Polynesian overhang is a hand carved decorative double door. They added decorative lamps of each side of the door.  

The building is adorned with venetian windows lined together. The windows were decorated with round arches, lined with red linings to emphasize its size.The windows made the whole building well lit and well ventilated.

All in all, the whole edifice is a perfect mixture of American and European modern and classical architecture.The scale does not only signify solemnity, but it also showcases two different cultural backgrounds.It’s a model teeming with simplicity, modernity, and class. This model exudes grandeur and a general hint of straightforward elegance.