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Project Description

Project Description:

The ancient buildings of Jerusalem are all filled with rich history. It was back in 100 BC when King David built the old city at the heart of Israel.In 66 AD, the city saw the Great Revolt against the Romans and the destruction of major buildings including the temple built by Herod the Great.In the several years that followed, the city has also become a sacred city to three major religions. It is the place where Jesus Christ was crucified.

Jerusalem is not only of historical significance but also religious importance.Thus, it is natural for many people, professionals and locals alike, to try and preserve the old city. One way of doing so is by building models of it.

There have been several models of the old city Jerusalem.The most famous of which is the one created by Hans Kroch in 1960. However, unlike the previous models, the Old City Jerusalem Architectural Scale Model does not focus on the minute details of every temple. nstead, it focuses on the general view. This model is built at a scale of 1:1000 using varied materials such as wood, paper, and blocks.

Though Old City Jerusalem Architectural Scale Model does not give a detailed view of individual structures, it does emphasize the overall landscape of the city so that interested individuals can properly visualize how Jerusalem looks like from afar.Each building is simply represented by blocks. In other words, you can see the whole city as a whole structure and evaluate how far one building is from the other or how much space one structure has occupied.

Though not clear at first sight, you can clearly point out where the most important buildings are.The Monument of Huldah, Pool of Siloam, Phasael Tower, Herods’ Palace, David’s Tomb, Traditional Calvary, Damascus Gate, the Wailing Wall, and others are carefully represented with blocks with appropriate sizes. The Old City Jerusalem Architectural Scale Model is also a reference when creating city development plans.