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Project Description

Project Description:

Blueprint Architects architects have created this prototype community project to propose a solution regarding the problem with the increasing energy consumption.As the population grows and cities become more crowded, more energy gets wasted.Thus, there’s a need to advance housing solutions. Still, this model is still under construction, testing, and reworking until architects achieves the best system.

The architects make use of asymmetrical square houses with areas that lack complete roofing, so the sunlight can come inside the buildings.Also, there are spaces reserved in each building.The real parameters of the housing project are still not fully decided, so this model is a rough draft of the vision that the architects have in mind. The goal really is to improve the quality of life within the community and promote environmental sustainability.

For the model, they’ve mainly used wood and Plexiglas.The Plexiglas adds the contrast necessary to emphasize important details in the design.