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Project Description

Project Description:

The Bennett House possesses a modern design that has its own unique appeal. It is primarily made up of concrete, glass, metal, and wood.The exterior of the house is designed to reflect the house interiors.The installation of several large glass windows allows for transparency. It is best to build the house surrounding a beautiful landscape as the windows present an unobstructed view of the outside environment. The wood flooring inside the house offers several advantages over other forms of flooring. It typically lasts for decades and is relatively easy to clean.This prevents additional costs incurred for house maintenance.

The walls of this modern home are painted white inside and out.The neutral color perfectly complements the wood flooring Moreover, the walls covered in white set up a bright and clean atmosphere all around.The white background serves as the perfect canvas for a new home. Also, with the white walls as the base, one can opt to paint it a new color to change things up. It also gives way for numerous possibilities in terms of decoration.     

The Bennett House is built upon the principle of form follows function.The simple and ergonomic design permits smooth movements inside the house. The house is designed to fit in a small area, and the floor space is compensated by having multiple floors.The design also follows a minimalist approach. The modern home’s simplicity brings out a feeling of peace, elegance, and sophistication.Another prominent feature of the house is its crisp and clean lines. The lines refer to the vertical and horizontal elements that are evident all over the Bennett house.This contrasts with curvilinear and extravagant designs found in other models.

The Bennett House can have a different appeal to every person who encounters. It highly depends on the person’s style and preference.But generally, people love modern architecture as it exhibits innovation in form and structure together with a unique aesthetic.These key elements of modern architecture can be seen in the design of the Bennett House. Most importantly, it addresses the issue of lack of space for residential homes.