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Project Description

Project Description:

It’s small but spacious.This minimalistic design is made by the GetBet company.The architecture and interior designer of this scale model wanted to create a betting platform that is spacious and well-secured.

This one-level building is made from sturdy materials to ensure the durability of the building.It can withstand the wear and tear of seasonal changes. The whole building is covered in white, making the place look spacious.

The building’s façade is designed with sliding glass panel doors covered with the green and black stickers.The said glass panel serves as the signage and entrance of platform.

At the first glance of the said game room, you can see that the design is very minimalistic.There are a couple of chairs and tables located in the center of the room, intended for the players.A large high-definition monitor is mounted on the walls opposite of it.There are three slot machines located at the other side, near the entrance. There is also a teller’s area located at the other side of the room.

The interior is a combination of green, white, and black.The designers wanted the place to look spacious despite its physical size.The walls are coated in white. They accentuated it with a neon green color to add a playful vibe to the space. They also added posters of different betting games made available to the spectators. The furniture chosen where a mixture of black and green.These colors made the room look more sophisticated.

The teller’s area is secured with high walls with glass panels. The cubicles come with built-in tables with attached computers and cash registers.  Outside the cubicles, monitors are placed to make it easier for the spectators to see the results of the ongoing bets.

It’s a perfect game room for a home or a physical office, especially as an online betting platform.  It’s spacious and well equipped with security gadgets. It’s a great arrangement that can promote the right mood for the occupants. Each detail is thoroughly designed to achieve the best aesthetics and function.