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Project Description

Project Description:

This project is for real estate agency ISG Residence.This model of the building shows the uniquely designed structure of this new luxury condominium consisting of two towers.

As seen in the model, the apartment building is designed in a way that the parking and the main entrances are found in the middle of the two towers that make up the overall structure.This concept is quite unique as compared to most apartments where the entrances and the parking lot are located at the outer sides. Included in the parking lot or street lamps and shrubs to add to the overall design and the quaint ambiance of the place.The innovative design is definitely one of the attractions of the building because it is something different and also practical for people who drive cars.

Other than the main parking lot in the middle, there are also parking spaces around the building and an underground parking lot so that there is enough space for all the tenants’ vehicles. The model also shows that the area around the condominium has a lot of greenery, which not only adds to the “green” feel but also supports the environment.

The building is seen to have a total of eleven floors excluding the basement parking. Included in the eleven floors are three rooftop balcony decks. To give a more realistic presentation, models of actual people and cars were used so that people can envision what the project looks like when it is finished and fully occupied. Actual lighting was also provided in both the street lamps and some of the rooms to make it more down to earth and close to the original finished product.
The model of the building is made out of wood blocks and PVC.

The models of the cars, trees, people, and the post lamps are also made out of PVC. Each part of the entire building model was painted intricately in order to fully capture what the actual building looks like. All colors and shades completely replicate the finished product. This model was created in a span of 7 days by a team of architects.