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Project Description

Project Description:

This model made for the ARRA Residence is another great masterpiece.It’s a huge model to depict the huge real-life form that the project strives for.The building is a 4-storey masterwork with multiple rooms and multiple windows accentuated by bright yellow indoor lighting.The windows use plain glasses to give the option of a sunlit interior to its residents or occupants. Some levels have a convenient veranda for people to look over the majestic view of the outside. The dwellers of its life-form version will surely appreciate the subtle arrangement of the building and the thorough attention to detail poured into it. The blueprint is thoroughly laid out and just has the perfect arrangement to cater to the project’s requirements.

It also has a 1-storey extension at its anterior also filled with condo units that are all arranged keeping in mind the best architectural elements.The condo unit space is just perfect for those who are downsizing, those couples looking to have a comfortable and luxurious dwelling, or those single professionals, businessmen, or career people who are into a stunning home with every upgrade and every feature .

The model’s color is a two-tone white and gray pallet, with the external walls covered by white and soft gray touches and the roof coated with dark grey hue. The result is a clear-cut look that is neat and modish. Truly, a model doesn’t need to have multiple colors to breathe a fancy vibe. Even the simplest color palette can already exude glamour since people nowadays refer beauty to minimalism and simplicity.

The model also depicts an adequate space for the parking lot, enough for the building’s dweller population.The parking lot setup is also thoroughly planned out to achieve convenience and practicality.

At the forepart of the model also lies the huge logo and affinity of Arra Residence.This gives the property its identity, whose design also matches with the overall structure and design of the building.

This model, considering its structure, design, and aesthetics, makes it a prime piece of property.Its minimalist design and straightforward appeal makes it a worthwhile model and a worthwhile property.