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Project Description

Project Description

This project layout by our company comprises of an innovative and elegant design that is perfectly suited for Cramele Recas.The three-dimensional layout shows a marriage between classic and modern elements, while still keeping the space simple and functional.

It is important that the building matches up to the already exquisite atmosphere, so the architect made sure that he surrounds the area with an extensive vineyard that gives off a magical element to the place.Vineyards are usually equated to elegance and class; thus, the two-story main building is etched with a classical and intricate design and handwork.

The main building is purposefully placed on a higher ground and in the middle of the vineyard so that it could overlook the entire landscape. A clean path is built along the vineyards leading up to a spacious driveway and parking space in front of the main building.With this design, people will be able to have a 360-degree view of the entire area while still making sure that the buildings are easily accessible to guests and visitors. Small gatherings and other events can be held in the main building to showcase the beautiful landscape of the area and to let the customers see and appreciate the origin of a fine wine.

In this layout, the main building is positioned in such a way that it covers the storage area for barrels, thus giving the entire area a clean look even at a distance. There are also two other buildings situated behind the main building. These buildings can be used for other various purposes such as storage. They are also purposefully positioned to give the place a cleaner look, with one building displaying a large logo of Cramele Recas. A huge space is placed between the two buildings that lead up to rest of the vineyards. The area is large enough to function as storage for large-sized barrels of wine. The designers have made sure to incorporate every space available and that every detail of the building serves a function.