Scale Model – Philips Christmas Tree, White Citadel

/Scale Model – Philips Christmas Tree, White Citadel
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Project Description


Project Description:

This is a project proposal for a little white Christmas town tagged as Philips Christmas Tree, White Citadel.This fortified town is secure and enclosed in a tree-like structure to make the citadel look exclusive like a little Christmas town all year-round. This structural model is carefully designed and built by a creative team of architects to ensure that the clients will feel like the Christmas vibe daily.To make the model look real, we make use of several creative elements.

These include bridges, a small hill and surrounding vegetation within the vicinity, an appropriate indoor and outdoor lighting on the small houses and within the area to make the little town look visible at night, a Christmas tree built inside the town and white snow that covers the town to complete the holiday ambiance intact.The geographic location, building site and structural designs of the houses were comprehensively studied by professional real estate developers.As you can see, we have both bungalow and a 2-storey residential type building to make your childhood dream of a white Christmas come true