Scale Model – Equestrian Centre in St. Lorenzen, Austria

/Scale Model – Equestrian Centre in St. Lorenzen, Austria
Scale Model – Equestrian Centre in St. Lorenzen, Austria 2018-04-16T22:46:57+00:00

Project Description


Project Description:

This scale model includes the design for function lots including the parking slots, stables, a functional area, and a riding arena for the Equestrian Centre located in St. Lorenzen, Austria. It uses materials such as wired trees, paper-made cars, and stable building materials.Horse stables are endorsed to have sloped beams and several window openings are created for optimization of natural lighting.The storage area for feed, supplies, and equipment are in generous dimensions. To follow modern horse facilities, this model also has a high-roofed stable to improve interior airflow and air quality.

The oval riding field offers nine bays connected toward the riding arena. Also, its riding arena is in accordance with the international standards having the outside tracked be measured (not in scale) as 20 meters wide and 60 meters long. The hippodrome, the horse walking area, is situated on the outdoor.  The architects that teamed up for this scale model does not only benefit the riders but will also effectively promote the development of the horses involving ventilation that circulates freely and has natural lighting.