Scale Model – ASTRA Transylvanian Civilization Museum, Sibiu

/Scale Model – ASTRA Transylvanian Civilization Museum, Sibiu
Scale Model – ASTRA Transylvanian Civilization Museum, Sibiu 2018-04-16T22:46:25+00:00

Project Description



This highly detailed and crisp representation model uses a 1:250 scale.The client’s primary aim is to achieve the thematic feel of the museum without losing the national cultural heritage- the Transylvanian spirit.The model is impressive at its detail in the simplified flat roofing materials, the base foundation and pillars, stairways, clear acrylic walls and use of illumination.At this scale, you can see the overall features of the proposed architectural scale from its landscape down to the entourage elements.

The materials used for this model are basal wood which is also used in making the wood frame, laser cut Plexiglas, timber dowel, green grass entourage, wooden balls to signify trees and minute human model entourage.The area is so massive it can organize series of events such as performances, festivals, fairs, art collections all year round. Astra Transylvanian Civilization Museum is part of the open air Astra museum complex in Sibiu, Romania which covers 96 hectares, 40 of which are used for ethnographic display. You can visit the website at SIBIU for more information