Architectural Scale Model – Medical Recovery Centre

/Architectural Scale Model – Medical Recovery Centre
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Project Description


Project Description:

This is a 1:200 scale model of medical recovery centre showing off the interior and exterior space planning.The roof and red linings are made of engraved painted cardboard.Entourage objects include loofah trees and street-like gray color road ways to make the model look more realistic.Windows are made of opaque Plexiglas.The maximized spaces were intentionally created to make the medical centre look healthy and comfortable to stay in.Special attention was given to structural elements such as facades, window linings, and overall outside appearance.

The final look was reviewed carefully and decided by the members. The goal is to create a structured and organized custom-designed medical centre that will make the environment look satisfying, safe, and most supportive for healing and recovery. The rooms are separated from each other for one-on-one specialized therapy sessions and individual behavioral therapy. Accuracy and precision of measurements were strictly observed and small details were carefully polished. The project was finished ten (10) days excluding the final touches which added two (2) days more in the whole project duration.