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Project Description

Project Description:

Filaret bus station in Bucharest has inspired quite a few architects.This station used to be the lifeline of the city.Now, it connects destinations like France, Turkey, Spain, Greece, and Bulgaria.The structure reflects the flamboyant French architecture, common during the 19th century.The most notable part of the station is its glazed roofing without a cover. That means the interior left open to different elements.This roofing style is used in the construction of a factory (the model of which you can see below).

To construct the model, Pexiglass is used.The base is made from gray-painted cardboard.In an aerial view, you can see that the roofing design of the factory stands out most.Though the main buildings are carefully covered against the sun and the rain, the park and the hallway remain exposed.This design allows natural light into the factory, which can liberate workers who will otherwise feel cooped up in a closed room.To simulate how the factory will look like in the exact location, the terrain is designed exactly like the real one. Also, orange miniatures are added to give life to the model.