The working place to start and the extended architectural scale model making workshop

/The working place to start and the extended architectural scale model making workshop

For a beginner, it is enough to offer a place beside the design table which is a table that is large enough for three different areas:

  1. An area with a cutting base where you can prepare, cut and work different parts of the scale model.
  2. An area with a rigid and stable base for the installation and final assembly of different parts of the scale model.
  3. A storage area for smaller tools and machines.

We need racks, a tool cabinet or a mobile stroller to store the tools and machines in sight. To store materials (paper, cardboard paper, synthetic mattress, and methacrylate) against the dust, the most convenient would be to have drawers or closed boxes large enough to store the plates horizontally. In emergency situations, these can be stored in a drawing file. For the following stages and objects found we need another storage area which, if we have enough space, would be preferable to be another fixed table or plywood placed on special supports. However, we need a specific assembling adjustable table in order to be able to work standing. If we work with your back curved, sit or even stand, we will immediately get tired.

In a workshop already equipped with the tools and machines mentioned above, the architect or designer has all the conditions to meet most of the requirements for building a scale model. It has the ability to build, not just the conceptual or working models, but also a large part of the execution models with the necessary qualities.


If we respect the scale model design requirements and add larger machines instead of the auxiliary table described above, we need a special space or a room divided into four areas:

  1. For the preparation and construction of the various elements of the model
  2. For installing and assembling different parts
  3. To keep the material, the objects found and various samples
  4. For the storage of tools and machinery

The first three areas can be joined together in one place, using the required storage surface (shelves, tables). But the machinery storage area with different sources of water and light must be separated from the previous area.


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