Equipment for Architectural Model Making

/Equipment for Architectural Model Making

The equipment used for the majority Of modeling needs is divided into two sets: Basic Equipment (this equipment can be very simple and is adequate for most modeling tasks) and Expanded Equipment(this equipment can make the iOb easier and help With specialized tasks)Drafting ToolsDrafting Tools
A set Of common drawing tools used to lay out the model partssteel ruler

Steel Ruler
The primary cutting edge. The ruler should have a nonslip cork backing. For economy, a wooden ruler with a metal edge can be used. Avoid aluminum rulers, as they will dull knife blades very quickly.

X-Acto Knife and No. 11 Blades

X-Acto Knife and No. 11 Blades
The primary knife. Keep knife sharp with fre­quent blade changes. Blades are most econom­ically purchased in packs of 100.

metal triangle

Metal Triangle
Used for right-angle cuts and drafting with the knife. Unfortunately, most metal triangles are made of aluminum, but plastic triangles with steel edges can be found at some suppliers

white glue

White Glue
The primary adhesive. Keep in a pool on scrap board to air-dry for working thickness. Apply sparingly with a cardboard strip to material edge.


For quick study models and editing cuts.



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