Spain’s Architecture: Capturing Aesthetic for 45 Years

/Spain’s Architecture: Capturing Aesthetic for 45 Years

Architectural models help us view the design, structure, and form of the future building. They help explain how much spatial relations and volumes are needed in advance to create the real building. They also help people push boundaries in architecture.

Human models are not the only subjects of a photographer. One can also capture the beauty of architectural models through the lenses. For about 45 years, photographers in Spain have captured the essence of such models.

Architectural Modelling


From the month of February to May 2017, Museo ICO displayed 138 photographs, 14 albums, 20 magazines, 13 models, and projection. Around 35 photographers have taken photos for display. The photography exhibit proudly features architectural models built from 1925-1970. It focuses on the works of iconic Spanish architects like Josep Lluís Sert, Miguel Fisac, José Antonio Coderch, and so much more. Looking at the photographs, it’s easier to compare older architectural styles to that of the present. A trip to this exhibit will be highly educational.

The Exhibit

“Modelling for The Camera”, the exhibit’s title, captures both the art of photography and architecture. The project is led by the commissioner Iñaki Bergera, who explains how the photographs have captured and expressed the sense of architecture through of models as visual representations. This concept is rarely done, so they are happy with its success.

There are vintage copies of the photographs showcased in the event. Each picture shows the several attempts of avant garde architecture in the mid-20th century.


Real-life models are also included in the exhibit. “Modelling for The Camera” is open to the public. You only need to spare some of your time to view their stunning photographs and models. If you are an architect student, then going to the exhibit is ideal. Bring your classmates with you.

To view the gallery, click here. To know more about architecture model building, may it for residential, business, or outdoors, visit here.


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