Urbanism Scale Model – Old Centre, Bucharest

/Urbanism Scale Model – Old Centre, Bucharest
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Project Description


Project Description:

This project proposal entails the construction of a new building in an old city, without destroying the atmosphere of the place.As an urban scale model for a new site in the middle of Old Centre, Bucharest, this project accounts the design, harmony, and culture between the surrounding structures.Old Centre witnessed a lot of significant happenings in history and stood its ground in wars.This project proposal acknowledges the richness of the town’s history, which is why the new site is designed to blend in with the old.

Its layout follows an unusual space area, which is far from the usual “block”, and the design snakes its way to fit in the provided corners. The building’s height does not call attention to itself, as it also blends to that of the existing surrounding structures. With heavy planning, this scale model represents a site that continues to conserve the place’s culture while bringing something new to it as well