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Project Description

Project Description:

A sloped terrain is not an easy plot to work on.There is always a possibility of tip-overs.For a graduation project, the designer has found a way to address the tip-over problem—terraces. Instead of using stilts to address the steeply sloped site, the terrain is restructured into terraces.The buildings are built on the top of each other, forming a zigzag line towards the top of the hill.This allows for a durable structure which directly addresses the problem with tip-overs. Each building supports the other. Another advantage of this design is that it allows for easy drainage and plumbing.

For the hill, brown cardboard is used. For the buildings, Pexiglass is used.The contrast between the brown and white makes the model look good. To add color to it, vegetation in the form of pre-made trees is added in each terrace.There’s a zigzag pathway that continues the pattern of the buildings all the way to the bottom of the terrace. This design is something not yet seen before and has gained the interest of several professors