Graduation Scale Model Project – Winemaking Centre Coltul Pietrei

/Graduation Scale Model Project – Winemaking Centre Coltul Pietrei
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Project Description

A team of young and competent architects created a graduation scale model of a wine center for Coltul Pietri, a well-known wine brand. Though the model has a simple overall look, its details are intricate and innovative. PVC was predominantly used for creating the model, and the buildings were made of white PVC material. This gives clients an idea of how the overall landscape of the winemaking center would look like.

When looking at its landscape, you can see that the winery is built atop what looks like a scenery from the Grand Canyon, thus adding not only an aesthetic feel to the area but also making it a special place for visitors. We can also see that there are convenient walkways that lead to the compound of the winery. From the right, there is a small pathway that connects to the main trail of the area.

In the model, the pathways are painted with a shade of orange and brown to add to the entire natural feel of the area. You can also see some beads scattered around the walkways and the buildings to give the whole architectural structure a more rugged vibe.

The entire compound has three buildings and is split into three sections by walkways. The first building can be found on the left which is the lowest rising building amongst the rest. The second building can be found in the middle and resembles a barn with a house-like structure which is connected to tower. The third building is the biggest of the three and is located where most of the winemaking is done. This building is where the equipment and machineries will be installed. Overall, this building is created solely for the mass production of wines since its location is favorable, and its architectural design is not only striking but also efficient.