Architectural Scale Model – Craiova Airport

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Project Description

Project Description:

This is 1:600 architectural scale model of an alternate design for the Craiova Airport in Romania.It shows an upgraded and modernized runway.It is not detailed as it is only aimed to show the general design of the runway and how it can be used to minimize the works in airport stopovers.Still, you can see in it miniature airplanes parked near the terminal building.

The terminal building itself is detached from the runway, so passengers will need to ride a shuttle to reach the airplanes.However, there is an allotted space covered in curved roofing where the passengers and/or airplane technicians can wait for the aircraft’s arrival.This roof is built using a foam board painted in black.The surrounding buildings are made of balsa wood.The base of the model is also made from the same wood.The designers took five days to complete this initial scale model.It will be submitted for review.If approved, it will be improved and given more details.