Objects that come into aid in Architectural Model Making

/Objects that come into aid in Architectural Model Making

Objects found in nature and industry

To represent trees and bushes or to reproduce elements on a larger scale such as cars, headlights or furniture, but also for some constructive elements (such as sunbeds), it is possible to introduce elements from totally different areas. For these objects you can ingeniously develop a large collection that has the role of facilitating the construction of the model.

The organic world supplies us with many elements, small branches, dried flowers or branches of plants, which can be distributed differently. We can also look for similar elements in the world of electrical components, naval modelling and miniature trains.

Small Objects

Among the most important small items are the needles, pins, nylon threads, braided ropes, ropes, stretch small cables, rings and weights such as those found in fishing tackle shops as well as self-adhesive paper and coloured foils in different widths and colours.

Needles and pins do not just fix the pieces during construction, but we can even use them to create shapes (see chapter 8: object levels).

The nylon ropes might be the cable structures and they are also used to delimit the streets, roads and the surface of the work pattern. The thinnest beads, with a thickness of between 0.10 mm and 1.0 mm, as well as a wide range of braided ropes, can be found in the fishing  shops. Small cable strainers suitable for modelling can be found in modelling shops.

It is possible to reproduce the detachments on the glass-coated carpentry with rolls of self-adhesive paper of 0.5 mm or more, and of different colours.


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