Iconic 3D Models of Television Offices We All Love

/Iconic 3D Models of Television Offices We All Love

Are you a television junkie? Do you often wonder how sets in your favourite television shows are laid out? Just like any other architectural work, every plan starts with a floor plan. However, unlike traditional architectural models, TV sets use 3D programs to showcase their location sets rather than vigorously spending weeks on a single model. Being in a television show, there can be a lot of locations where the cast might shoot. 3D programs are cheaper compared to architectural models.

Drawbotics is a company that specializes on 3D modelling for real estate spaces without the hassle of traditional architectural models. With 35,000 successful 3D models, their work has been renowned worldwide. Drawbotics presents us 3D models of some of your favorite television shows. So take a break from your office and take a look at these spaces!


suits 1

If you gush over Harvey Specter as much as we do, take a look at this iconic office. This famous Pearson Hardman office has sleek furniture and grand glass walls. How is this office compared to yours? Suits has been rated 8.5/10 over IMDb with its intelligent humor and drama. How much would you rate this office?


Parks and Recreation


Who would not recognize this iconic office that had made everyone laugh? With its slightly racial jokes on their walls, this office sure had its viewers laughing and cringing at every second. This iconic office is no other than from the hit comedy show Parks and Recreation. You can visually see where Leslie’s office is and where Ron’s is.

To view the whole gallery from Drawbotics, click here. If you wish to know more about architecture model building, may it for residential, business, or outdoors, visit here.


Silicon Valley


Another hit comedy television show we all know is Silicon Valley. Having a 98% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, this hit comedy show had us all laughing while noticing the grand house they have in Silicon Valley. In order to level up the realism in the 3D model, Drawbotics decided to amp it up with the classic Californian millionaire backyard.

The Office US


Another hit comedy show on our list is The Office. This television show had created tons of memes from the famous Steve Carell and who would not recognize that iconic office! Zoom in the picture and notice the stapler in jello and other iconic scenes from the show.


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