Guidelines in Model Making for Beginners

/Guidelines in Model Making for Beginners

Model making is not for everybody. It requires patience and precision. However, if you are determined to venture on it as professional work or hobby, then you must first learn the basics. Here are guidelines in model making that you should read before you start.

Model Making Materials

With the right materials, you can get a good end product. You need not use lots of different materials. If you mix too many materials, your model may look tacky. For you base, you need something thick and strong. The bigger your base is, the thicker it should be. For large building models, you can use MDF. It has a fine finish that does not need sanding. For the skeleton of your model, balsa wood is the best option.

Model Making Equipment

Every model maker should have scissors, a heavy knife, a steel straight-edge, heavy builder’s gloves, a fine-toothed saw, and a hot-wire cutter or laser cutter. You can use alternatives to any of the mentioned equipment. However, those are the most accessible.


When making your model, you have to operate sharp equipment. Thus, you must be careful when cutting. Do not try, for example, to cut a cardboard in a single slide. You’ll end up ruining the material or cutting yourself. Wear your gloves all the time.

Model Making Process

Before everything else, survey the building or the blueprint from which you want to base your model. Then, make a final set of drawings to scale your plan. Transfer all the measurements on the balsa wood or your base.

What you’ll do next will depend on what model you are making. One tip that will be useful to you is to make the interior and exterior separately. Fit the interior once you are done with the exterior of the building. To make the process flawless, you must use the perfect measurements.

You can add water, trees, and bushes around your model for a better result.


Before you start making models, it’s best that you learn the basic knowledge first. Follow the simple guidelines above.


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