Exploring the Inner World of Architectural Model Making

/Exploring the Inner World of Architectural Model Making

Exploring the Inner World of Architectural Model Making

There is a small yet wonderful industry in model making. In New York, there are only about four to five well-known model making firms. These firms accept orders from other countries like Singapore, Israel, Canada, etc. So, you might think that the industry is wanting of more talented model makers. You are not wrong with that notion.

But why do only a few people dare venture in this field?

For one, model making requires a rare set of skills. It involves problem solving, engineering, and handiwork. The foundation of model making lies in sketching, but you must also know how to handle a saw in order to be a professional. Once you set to work, you must learn how to create and fit different pieces together.

Since every piece of a model is created on a small scale, the process of creating one project can take a lot of time and effort.

What makes a good architectural model?

Leszek Stefanski, a co-owner at Radii Inc., says that a good model is similar to a good car. It should be detailed and have special effects. Real estate models, for instance, can be wired so that at the click of a button, a customer’s chosen unit will light up. Then, when you open the unit, there must be interior and amenity models available as well.

According to agents, what makes a model stand out is its ability to represent of a building which is not yet available. It supplements the dollhouse effect as it offers a sample material which clients can see and judge.

What do you need to be successful in the field?

Model makers must be willing to spend money and exert effort. If you want to work faster and more effectively, then you must invest in the latest technologies like the 3D printer. 3D printers can print small pieces cleaner than a laser cutter or a handsaw. They are a perfect alternative to manual work.


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