Explaining the Art of Architectural Model Making

/Explaining the Art of Architectural Model Making

Architects will tell you that it takes something more than skills in order to build something great. Aside from being adept in building something from scratch, you need to have creativity. Skyscrapers are not made by people who solely know to sketch and create precise measurements. Designing architecture and its model require talent.


The most difficult part of model making is not in its creation stage but in the conception of an idea. It can be stressful as you put some pressure on yourself to come up with a schematic design as detailed as possible. You need to please the developer and the buyers. At times, you have to deal with differing opinions.

There’s so much at stake in model making. The amount of money put into it is no joke. Thus, there’s little to no room for mistakes.


Models are not just rough designs. They represent a building that you want to build. Thus, they must have that lifelike quality that you see in real architecture. When buyers and investors take a look at your model, they judge it based on its design. How well is it made? A coarse model may signify a coarse building. You can’t sell it. Make your model stand out by choosing the right materials and adding color to it.


It’ll be difficult to be too detailed when creating a model, especially since it is small. It will be a challenge to landscape the garden and create a lake, trees, bushes, flowers, etc. However, illustrating the overall environment is essential. Again, you want your model to look like the actual building.

Add some lights to each room of your model. Allow visitors to lift the roof and look inside the house. It will be better if each room has amenities and furniture. Label books in bookshelves. Add people inside. The more detailed you are in creating your model, the better.


The job of model makers is not easy. On top of being creative and skillful, they need to be able to work under pressure and pay attention to details.


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