Blueprint Architecture Take on How to Create Real Estate Development Models

/Blueprint Architecture Take on How to Create Real Estate Development Models

Blueprint Architecture started back in 2002 in Bucharest. Since then, they have compiled a large number of clients. They have also started construction exceptional real estate development models using computer aided design (CAD) renderings. Working with leading real estate architects and developers, they’ve gained lots of experience in creating complex and large architectural scale models.

How to create a successful model?

Blueprint Architecture’s architectural models are used for different purposes—pre-construction approval, sales of an estate, project phasing, capital development, project publicity, and historic preservation. The company also accepts orders for customization of a model base, lighting, model cabinetry, and other displays.

The reason why they always succeed is that they always follow proper procedure every time they work on a project. They start by creating a design, sending the design for approval, building the model, and getting the feedback from clients.

Clients have often told them that the presentation of physical scale models help planning boards save months of the approval process. After all, it’s easier to critic a 3D model than a 2D draft. When people see the design clearly in front of them, their questions about topography, access, road layout, building material, and color choices are answered more easily. Thus, they can form a verdict right away. Will they be able to sell the structure or not?

What makes their models special?

Aside from using the latest 3D technologies, Blueprint Architecture also adds drama to their real estate development models. They accentuate the house or building by designing the surrounding environment and putting trees and pools of water. They also illuminate rooms by adding lighting. The finished product is a perfect miniature model of the bigger construction.


When making a real estate development model, you have to be careful with your design. Be as detailed as possible. Don’t be afraid to use the latest technology. Lastly, follow your clients’ suggestions and deliver the project on time.


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