Architectural Model Photography of Blueprint Models

/Architectural Model Photography of Blueprint Models


With the advent of modern technologies, physical architectural models are often neglected. Architects have been taught how to create a computer aided design (CAD) of models. CADs are quicker to make. However, if you love architecture for its art, you’ll find that creating physical architectural models is more worthwhile.


Architectural Model Photography

The purpose of architectural models is to show scale. They are presented to those who cannot see the actual building in front of them. It can also be used to highlight the most significant parts of the building it represents. Thus, it often shows depth with a life-like composition. Emphasis on the features brings a new perspective to the architectural model.



3D rendering applications have become popular in the architecture industry, but with companies that strive to sustain the value of architectural model photography, the legacy lives on. Blueprint Models in one of them. The effort of creating a model requires great skill and patience. It is just fitting that it will be photographed with the same amount of skill.


This kind of presentation also offers a realistic feel that is a significant factor in designing architectural models. It is not all about aesthetics, though. It should show the function of every architectural decision made in the process of designing the buildings. After all, the camera mimics what the eye can see. At every flick of the shutter, you must be able to etch the image of the architectural model to the minds of potential investors.



With carefully crafted models and images, you’ll be able to present your ideas better. After all, they serve as an accurate visual representation of the building you want to project. A professional architect’s portfolio should then be filled with beautifully photographed architectural models. Ideally, the photographs will look a lot better than computer generated ones.


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