A Whole New World in Clear Display

/A Whole New World in Clear Display

Miniature pieces enclosed in glass domes are like tiny separate worlds. The glass casing creates an atmosphere that distinguishes the art from the physical world. Talented artists build these scale models from different materials such as paper, wood, and foam. These are then encased in bottles, domes, and even teapots. Here, we listed some of the notable miniature creations covered by glass cases.

Balsa Wood Architecture by Vera van Wolferen





Dutch artist Vera van Wolferen, in one of her recent series, beautifully crafted buildings and houses made from Balsa wood. Her work also featured structures standing on stilts and made use of cotton to represent the clouds. She is also well known for her creating miniature wooden vehicles.

Paper Cities by Ayumi Shibata



The brilliant Ayumi Shibata is the creator of these surreal works of art. She employs the traditional Japanese method of paper cutting in order to create numerous layers of paper that when brought together curl around each other to form a three-dimensional setting. Her works are deeply rooted in the Japanese culture where the word paper is referred to as ‘Kami’. Kami also means ‘god’ or ‘spirit’. Thus, in it in their culture to regard white paper as sacred. In line with this, her works try to explore the delicate link between man and his surroundings.

Micro Matter by Rosa de Jong



Rosa de Jong, in her ‘Micro Matter’ creation, has been able to craft intricate miniature pieces suspended inside test tubes. The sheer attention and patience given to complete every small detail is a feat in itself. Her works also show the interaction between the structure and its surrounding landscape.

Troubled Miniature Worlds by Thomas Doyle




Miniature artist Thomas Doyle delves into disturbing territory with his choice of featured scenes. Some of these include a sinkhole almost entirely consuming a suburban home and a quiet home inexplicably floating with little support. He showcases disaster and catastrophe in his works and leaves the impression of man’s helplessness in these situations.

Miniature Works of Kendal Murray



Kendal Murray makes use of unconventional objects such as teapots and compact powder casing to contain her miniature designs. Through her work, she explores the different roles people play in their dream states.

These miniature pieces somehow give viewers a new perspective of the world we live. They help in increasing awareness and consciousness of the surroundings. This said, people must strive to find balance between progress and environmental preservation. The residential complex below gives a perfect example of such harmony.



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