Using Metal as a material in Model Making

/Using Metal as a material in Model Making

When constructing architectural models, we use  yarns, plates, profiles and metal meshes to reproduce structures, metal structures and facades, and to provide an interpretation of our idea on the project or to find a special effect. The basis of a layout can be, for example, aluminium; land, walls, roofs or traffic areas, including whole edifices, can be built by assembling metal elements of different colours and features. If we had a wide variety of materials at hand, this may motivate us to make interesting experiments.

                In this case, we need special tools. The material requires work done with precision, and this involves a high degree of accuracy of the angles to be perfect and the cuts to be sharp. To bend and cut the metal we need the right pliers and scissors. When cutting, drilling and milling, safety goggles should always be used!

               An important technique for meshes, conveyor bridges or whole structures assembly is the welding. For bonding the metal layers to other surfaces, it is best to use the right adhesives. On metal surfaces, incisions can be applied to grapple graphic motifs in a similar manner as explained in the case of methacrylate. Polishing, coating and glossing enhance the effect produced by the material. Brass and copper can be stained by chemical processes. Zinc and chromate are made in special workshops.


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