The Structure Architectural Scale Models

/The Structure Architectural Scale Models

This type of architectural model presents the structure of an edifice without reducing its overall shape. These structures are used to explain the use, but are mostly used to reflect the construction. With the help of the structure architectural model , the functional and constructive problems with spatial and complicated relations can be solved. The structure architectural model is constructed using as the basis a architectural model of a land or an edifice, often the topographic context directly influences the shape and structure. They are built between 1: 200 and 1:50.

Structural Scale Model – © BLUEPRINT ARCHITECTURE

The Conceptual Scale Model

They tend to be made of ordinary materials and in a short time, easy to model, and generally with objects found at random. They present the first reflections of isolated problems that affect the functional organization, construction and the type of surroundings. Often, they help to place complicated spatial relationships from the beginning of the project. It is generally characterized by the ease and speed of the change.

The Working Scale Model

These are basically modifiable, but in this case, they usually reflect the final state. Through them, the details are elaborated. If a little more work is done, they are generally used as execution architectural models

The Execution Scale Models

The models of a structure made with great precision are used exclusively for informational and presentation purposes. While enclosures reproduction architectural models are used to facilitate understanding of the design, the architectural models of a structure are also used for documentary or advertising purposes in fairs and exhibitions.

Bertaqsi Farm Scale Model – with emphasis on the structure -© BLUEPRINT ARCHITECTURE


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