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Project Description

Project Description

Only a few people nowadays remember Dumitru Marinescu-Bragadiru.However, during his time, he was considered as one of the most prominent local figures in Bucharest, Romania. He was an industrialist and took pride in building grand and inventive structures. Among the most beautiful buildings, he had issued the Cultural Palace, a grand place which he specifically built for his employees.The Cultural Palace and his other buildings have left a great impression among architects who are acquainted with his work.

Now, Bragadiru has become the inspiration of the Macheta architects. Like Bragadiru, they have taken multifunctional space as the core of their industrial hall structure. You can fit any industrial equipment inside the hall and still have enough open space to freely walk around. The hallways are built following the same fundamental principle and are generally spacious.The structure also shows a separate building where you can fit operational offices and an underground which you can use as a basement or storage rooms.

Romanian architecture is also clearly visible in the design of the building.The Macheta Hala Industriala Bragadiru has a great stylistic unity emphasized by its steelwork. The beams are lined up symmetrically, giving the building an outstanding look. The steel roof is also given symmetrically lined openings. These openings are used to let natural light inside the building.

By using a white and gray palette, the design is highlighted.Overall, the Macheta Hala Industriala Bragadiru is a perfect picture of what Roman urbanism looks like.

If you are interested in post-industrial Romanian architecture, then you can take a good look at the Macheta Hala Industriala Bragadiru as it can be considered as a great example of it. It is a combination of the pre-modern and modern Roman architecture styles with a touch of Dumitru Marinescu-Bragadiru’s industrial building ideas.