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Project Description

Project Description:

This architectural scale model shows how an entire urban housing area will look like when finished. Included in the model are all the structures and buildings in the housing area as well as the roads.The design of the whole area is covered in the model so that viewers will know how the entire compound will look realistically.

First, let’s take a look at the surroundings.The scale model tells us that the developer is an advocate of a “go green” movement with the number of trees that was planted around the area and the grass covering over 50% of the land area.The trees have been neatly arranged in rows circling the compound of the buildings and the roads.

With regard to the roads, there is a certain traffic scheme that was created so that the vehicles will know how to navigate the place.There are a few main roads that navigate through the whole compound and a few small roads that go between the buildings.The scale model also shows that there are parking lots beside and across the buildings where cars can park.In fact, the model even has little car models parked in those parking spots, so we can realistically see the placement of vehicles in the compound.

As for the buildings, we see that all of them are colored white and can be found all over the compound.One really cool feature about the buildings in this scale is that they all have built-in lights.This enables us to have a full and realistic view of how each building will look like once erected and fully operational.

Overall, the whole urban housing area gives off a luxury feel to it. With its combination of greenery, luxe architectural structure of buildings, and the very urbanized traffic scheme for the roads, the whole area is wonderfully made and highly sophisticated in terms of design.