Scale Model – Transylvania Philharmonic, Cluj-Napoca

/Scale Model – Transylvania Philharmonic, Cluj-Napoca
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Project Description

Project Description:

This is an architectural 1:200 scale model of Transylvania Philharmonic in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.The brown and white colors were intended to make a cultural or historical look.The middle part is primarily made of expanded polystyrene.Brown loofah trees are included as entourage elements to make the model look livelier by adding different colors to it.The solid base with engraved contour lines is made from balsa wood.Plain engraving-delimited MDF for the surroundings of the main volume was used to create a smart look.

Exact measurements were strictly followed, and dimensions were strictly calculated.High-quality cutting tools were used such as X-acto knife to cut detailed, small pieces model parts particularly the railings and contour lines and a good set of utility knives to cut larger model pieces.Materials were selected and examined carefully by the group members to create a high-quality scale model.The purpose of the model is to show the realistic exterior look of Transylvania Philharmonic without sacrificing the quality of the materials and the budget for this entire project. The scale project lasted for five (5) days straight.