Scale Model – Residential Buildings, Primaverii area, Bucharest

/Scale Model – Residential Buildings, Primaverii area, Bucharest
Scale Model – Residential Buildings, Primaverii area, Bucharest 2018-04-16T22:46:25+00:00

Project Description

Project Description:

This is the scale model for the proposed residential building in Primaverii, Bucharest.Primaverii is accessible to most of the parks and stations in the north. The area is famous for its safe and quiet neighborhood; that is why politicians and other diplomats like to stay in the area.The scale model was made in a 3-dimensional manner to provide potential buyers with a realistic visual representation of the building. If you are a family of 3 or 4, a couple working in the area, or a bachelor, this residential building will be perfect for you. This is a very simple building model and no other exterior details were included since the focus of this project is to portray the room layout in a straightforward manner.

As seen in the model, this is a 5-story building with a rooftop.Each room has a balcony to enjoy the relaxing fresh air of Primaverii, Bucharest. Each balcony is safely surrounded by a cement wall rather than rails to ensure safety. Each room is designed to fit each tenant’s need as it is fully provided with furnishings and amenities, thus making it convenient and comfortable.The living rooms, for example, have large spaces which make it versatile to any type of layout that the tenants would wish. Additionally, the bedroom, kitchen, and bathrooms are strategically designed to provide each occupant enough space to move around freely and safely. Thus, this helps tenants to be more flexible in terms of family activities and entertainment.

The room features can be easily seen in the room layout wherein you could check the general flow of the pathways of the building. The building model is made from the most recent technology to make the design accurate and to make even the smallest of details visible to the viewers. The scale model was intentionally colored white to show the exact details of the building easily. As you can see from each floor, the rooms are designed and planned out strategically to make sure that each occupant does not disrupt each other. Overall, it’s the perfect place for people who value their personal space while living in a cost-efficient residence.