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Project Description

Project Description:

This design of a traditional single-dome Eastern Orthodox chapel in the Neo-Byzantine style shows the building exterior detail in classic simplicity. This scale model is electronically designed to represent minute details.The architectural model of this compound structure features fine aspects such as a hemispherical Byzantine dome, pendentives, braided columns, and circular arches over the doors and windows. Each of these parts is meticulously produced with high-end fabrication techniques.These specifics are thoroughly carried out to follow the original design accurately.

The cutting procedure is performed using advanced mechanical and laser technology.This scale model allows viewers to see in three-dimensional detail the different sides of the chapel, including the top view.This straightforward approach of concept modelling does away with the use of entourage elements to provide focus on the core design of the chapel. Instead, a plain black ground support is used to highlight the shape of the base. The construction of the model in monochrome allows for a better view of the building’s volumetry, thus giving emphasis to the connection between the various shapes.