Scale Model – Militari Residence Vacaresti

/Scale Model – Militari Residence Vacaresti
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Project Description

Project Description:

This a proposal project for a residential neighborhood in Văcărești, which includes the construction of an over ten-story condominium building in the heart of southeastern Bucharest. Militari Residence is a modern micro-city with contemporary facilities provided for inhabitants at an affordable rate.This scale represents the building’s overall look; with terraces strategically designed to accommodate residents without intruding each other’s personal space.From the layout, the huge building’s design maximizes floor space, and actual room sizes vary according to studio and apartment types.

Passing the highest European standards, this model represents how the real building is detail-oriented and is constructed with future city developments in mind. The surrounding trees as scenery details provide a comparison on how tall the building is. Picking a light shade of blue to illuminate the interior of the building, the LED-based lighting system provides a neutral, calming, and peaceful mood, which complements the atmosphere of the overall structure.The shade of white on the exterior of the building provides a sense of security and home – some of the things that this residence condominium strives to offer.