Scale Model – Basarab Train Station, Bucharest

/Scale Model – Basarab Train Station, Bucharest
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Project Description


Project Description:

This is an architectural scale model for a Train Station in Basarab Overpass in Bucharest.It will be constructed in an area with heavy traffic, just beside the footbridge of Gara de Nord. Thus, the designers are careful in choosing their design and materials.They have settled in a modernized and sophisticated train station design. The main colors of the station are white and gray to make the structure look clean.The design itself is neatly structured as well.The entrance to the Tube station is a curved roof building. The platforms and barriers are made from cut Pexiglass.

The platform is covered with curved plastic roofing. Outside the main entrance is a large park.The concept scale model includes additional elements such as vegetation, vehicles, buildings, the footbridge, etc. that surrounds the said train station to make the model look more realistic.The vegetation is made from black-painted Styrofoam and is positioned strategically in the park. Surrounding buildings, in front and behind the station, are painted in black as well.The footbridge is highly detailed, using strings and Pexiglass.