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Project Description

Project Description

This model showcases a striking design of a detailed detached unit. We can see from the scale model that the entire representation is made of wood and clear PVC material for the structure in the middle. This was done on a large wooden board to ensure that the base and the foundation are very strong and sturdy.

As we can see in the model, there are two detached houses that can be found in the compound. They are both separated by a small structure made out of glass. This glass structure has an entrance of its own and has a set of stairs that leads to a second floor. It strategically connects the two houses by creating a pathway through its entrances where people could enter. Although it’s not your traditional house, you can certainly agree that its design is extraordinary since the glass element brings a modern vibe to it.

The house on the left side is the smaller one than the one on the right. You can enter this house by going inside the glass house and climbing upstairs. The other house, on the other hand, has its own set of entrances with one in the front and the other on the side.

As for the color scheme of the house, it has a color combination of white for the main walls and brown for the rooftops. The house is also designed in a very old Western way which adds to its overall charm and classic feel. It gives off a comfortable and pleasant vibe to anyone who wants to stay in it.

The structure makes use of a unique idea where two houses are connected with a glass building, thus making it an innovative and modern structure which makes it stand out from the rest of the houses in the market.