Leasure and Recreation Domain Architectural Scale Model

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Project Description

Project Description:

Domeniul cu Ciresi is one of the best commercial architectural structures brought to you by Blueprint Architecture.This commercial structure is specifically built for special events like weddings, coming of age parties, and private conventions.

Domeniul cu Ciresi is a mixture of colonial and classical design.Macheta wanted to combine these two designs to blend in with nature.The venue comes with a large open parking space which can fit at a maximum of 200 car capacity.The event hall is surrounded by the famous Livida de Ciresi.

The edifice is composed of three buildings, that were shaped into an inverted W.The façade of the building comes with a Neo-classical look painted in white, making the place look regal in the midst of the green garden forest.

The building is designed with large round arch windows to make the halls more vibrant.They had covered the hall with glorious terraces, giving the place a colonial appeal. Façade comes with sculptures embedded to its exterior walls while a fountain was created in the in front of the grand entrance.

Despite the classical look, the interior of the said commercial structure is heavily influenced by colonial interiors.Each salon has their own personal terraces, which leads to the lobby and separate exits.They also have their own garden sizing up to 2000 square meters. Aside from the 200 car capacity parking space, the designers made sure to make another parking spaces near the salons for special events.

This event hall comes with special amenities.The building is equipped with the best security personnel and paraphernalia to ensure the safety of their guests. It also comes with special facilities to ensure the comfort for the people with special needs.They also offer shuttle services for smaller events.The salons are equipped with air-conditioning system and are WIFI-ready.

Dominuel cu Ciresi is not only famous for its beautiful structure but it is famous for its intimate and solemn vibe. It’s serene ambiance, up-to-the-minute design, forward-looking architecture, and overall grandeur make it a remarkable sight to behold.