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Project Description

Project Description

This scale model represents a kindergarten commune building created by Macheta. It is also known as Macheta Gradinita Comuna Mogosoaia or translated as kindergarten commune. It showcases a two-story building that has several sections and rooms. Although it’s lacking in  height, this building makes it up with its long width. Thus, the students won’t have to climb too high.Plus, the school can still have a lot of room for constructing when they need to expand vertically.

As shown in the model, the exterior of the building is a friendly and bright mix of yellow, green and brown– a color combination for a child-friendly place. Unlike most scale models, this one actually shows the interior from a bird’s eye view so that you may see how each bedroom and other kinds of rooms are placed. We can see that the whole second floor is filled with bedrooms and restrooms. All bedrooms have a very cheerful vibe with kiddy floor patterns and wall designs. To add to the lightness of the atmosphere, the walls are all painted white to give a bright feeling. Thus, it makes the entire area welcoming.

In the first floor, we are able to see an eating area or a lounging area filled with several round tables and chairs of different colors. This is to cater to the guests in the commune building and also the residents. This will be used as dining areas or places to relax. The floor is made out of light wood material for an additional friendly vibe of the area.

The entire model is made out of hardwood with the base made out of a wood board. The models inside, such as the tables, chairs, desks, and the like are made out of either hardwood as well or durable PVC. All materials used by the architect were chosen to ensure that the model does not easily collapse or break.